Marriage is an experience of unity in diversity. A process of realization of the Oneness. Marriage is based on friendship.

Beginning of an eternal journey:

  • Sakha saptipadi bhava – be my friend who walks these seven steps together.   
  • Sakhyam te gameyam – may I aspire to your friendship.   
  • Sakhyam temayoshah; sakhyam me ma yoshtyas – your friends are mine, my friends are yours

The journey begins with seven steps around the fire, each step is symbolic to the seven chakras in human body, these chakras are the seven centers to connect with the cosmos.

1. Together we will share the responsibilities of home and children

2. Together we will develop mental, physical and spiritual strength

4. Together we will fill over hearts with great joy, peace and happiness

3. Together we will prosper and share our worldly goods

5. Together we will raise strong and virtuous children

6. Together we will remain faithful, lifelong partners.

7. Together we will cherish each other and our families in sorrow and happiness.


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