Let’s do it.

It’s time, get up. The alarm has been ringing, its not the sound. It’s the heat and sweat that should wake us up. Look at the temperatures around you. Have you noticed anything change from your childhood to now?? If the answer is YES. Then its high time for us to act. We have no time to be lazy. (Don’t listen to Donald Trump)

Okay, I decided that I am ready to take action , now I asked myself what can I do? Below are few action items I could gather. (I am open for better suggestions)

  • Educate yourself – Surf internet about this sudden change in temperature, the cause and effects of what we do each day. Might be the carry bags we use or the water we waste or the unregulated electricity we waste. Understand how our actions brought us here .
  • Start the conversation – Make this a topic of conversation during your tea breaks, gossip times and maybe your dinner table talks etc. Discuss with your friends and family about what Global Warming is and what id our role in it.
  • Tell your kids – Tell them what lies ahead for them if they follow us and do what we did, teach them something different or let them teach us. Do not let them repeat the same mistakes we did and are doing.
  • Use public transport – When you can and if you can, prefer public transport.
  • Plant a tree – Let us plant a tree in the name of each family member and be responsible for it, lets do it for our birthday.

Inspired by: Greta Thunberg

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Who am I? A conformist or a non-conformist?
Where do you see yourself?

Fact : There is no different society than the neighbors around me, the four people I see around me are the society, how I treat them and look at them will be REFLECTED back to me. Society is just a reflection of my inner thoughts, what I sow in my heart will ripe back to me from the society.

I must be the change I want to see.