True success is felt in the Heart, not measured by Money or Power.

In a more personal way, achieving the goals, feeling pride and satisfaction in accomplishment.

Excellence only comes when you do something that truly resonates with your soul.

Being true to our self and achieving set goals.

Success is reaching those goals and feeling proud of what you have accomplished .

Instead of defining success by a finish line, I define success by whether I get to do work I enjoy or not. 

Work that leaves me feeling fulfilled, and satisfied, and happy. Work that allows me to control, as best possible, my own destiny.

Learning to design and build my business or professional life based on my own definition, because we all have to make a living.

But we need to live.


Exceptional human potential is abundantly available, but there is a need for ‘Thought Leadership‘. Excellent people are there, but their potential will be of any use only if there is a vision to work for.

Each one of us is an integrated package of strengths and weakness. As a team, my strenghts compliments your weakness and your strengths cover up my weaknesses, so that, Together Everybody Achieves More.

The most fundamental responsibility of organisational leadership is team building. Good becomes best in the hands of right leadership.

We must be active learners, not passive listeners.

We need mentors to steer our thinking abilities.